Relocating to Indianapolis. The adventure begins.

Well, I have arrived in Indy with partner (and a tub of Marmite 🙂 ) in tow. Getting here was an epic journey in itself. Well not especially epic in the grand scheme of things, but it felt very long.

The plane to Chicago was, how should I put it, interesting. It was nearly full and had a selection of lovely, but entertaining, air hostesses on board. One was a middle-aged lady who was rocking a spiky platinum blonde do and a mini skirt; One looked (and sounded ) like John Malkovich and,  although he said I looked like Kelly Osbourne , I refrained from playing the lookalike game and stopped myself asking him if he was the real Mr Malkovich; One also looked like a ruffled Robert Downey Jnr . The latter was a particular highlight of my trip. Well, it beat the plane food. However, they did give us pizza at the end of the flight which ,although very greasy, was very apt for the city we were hurtling towards. Nothing says Chicago like a deep pan pizza. Yet the accompanying bunch of grapes were a bit random I have to say.

After a few minutes of unfolding ourselves from the plane, we had to relocate our luggage to identify it and then put it back onto the American Airline conveyor belt.  If that didn’t seem a pointless task after an 8 hour flight, and illustrated the  cutbacks in the luggage handling department, then the array of security desks manned by just two members of staff at any given time was laughable.

On the other hand, what was undeniably more laughable was when we arrived at the security desk (finally!), made it through a few questions and had to be sent back to queue as we hadn’t filled in an extra immigration form. Gutted, and quite close to my flipping point, I quietly seethed as we had to fill in the forms. Luckily the security guard let us straight back to his desk. I had begun to despair as I watched a whole other planes worth of passengers begin to queue. This concerned me as we had already eaten into our 90 minute connection time.

Then came along the  final straw, which occurred when we were making it through the departure gate and Luke could not find the right forms anywhere even though we had just received them from the previous desk. After much flapping on Luke’s part, and much un-helpfulness on my own,  we ( correction, I) found the forms in the file with all the other important documents.I just took deep breaths and counted to ten, well 50, but it did the trick.

We then had to queue for ages to be put through a body scan which left me wishing I hadn’t opted for granny pants for the journey but i put comfort before style, the shame! Then, we finally emerged successful to the correct gate but alas, delays were imminent. Yet we didn’t mind by this point. It was a lovely sunny day, great for watching people in the airport and for browsing the shops in wonder at the array of snacks available.

We finally boarded the ‘2 by 1’ (Embraer) plane over an hour late. It was a very small plane and did the job by taking us to Indy in just 34 minutes. However at one point we nearly had to turn back as a lady wasn’t feeling too well. Is it wrong that I was mixed with empathy and annoyance in equal measure? I feel like a bad person.

We finally touched down in our new home state of Indiana. After the only parking crew in the whole airport had parked another plane first, yes they only had one team for the whole airport, we were able to disembark to begin our relocation adventure.


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