Lulu’s about Indy (almost)

Its been an odd few days. We have been exploring the local shops, neighbourhoods and our own building. We are very lucky to have a great gym , pool library, sauna etc in Tower one  and I am looking forward to visiting them properly.

We have also been perusing the local areas. Well, within two hours each way as we keep forgetting how big America is!. We have seen more take away outlets than you can shake a stick at and lots of various shops. It is a bit weird in the sense that there are random houses which pop up . These are either massive new buildings that have been made to look like old english manors, or trailer type houses. There are also random groups of shops sprawled out but I didn’t think there seemed to be any ‘villages’ as such until we ventured to Broad Ripple . It is a lovely, if not a very square, village which even had a popcorn shop that was conveniently named ‘pop in’ , so we did. We also sat outside a lovely french cafe (Petite Chou) and had some lovely, fresh food to have for lunch.


I knew I could find some! It was gorgeous and was, somewhat, helped by the 27 celsius!. 

We also ventured into a variety of shops including my new favourite – Whole Foods Market. You can even make your own peanut butter there, as well as Almond but that is an acquired taste i.e not as nice. You can also buy wasabi peas by the pounds, which is enough to completely destroy your taste buds. Then there are the fresh green beans in a brown bag!

I was in heaven. However, this enlightening introduction to Whole Foods was cut short prematurely by Luke tearing me away to Walmart. Think of the biggest Asda / Aldi you have ever seen and double it, well maybe triple. Then put in giant sizes of everything! Seriously! picture Jars bigger than your head, and you get the idea.

I felt like I was a little person in an enlarged version of toy town! We stocked up with the basics from there, but nothing fresh or meat-like. We have been advised to go to Kroger next. Apparently , this is a happy medium between WalMart and Whole Foods Market,  and is like our Tesco.

We have also escaped over the border into Ohio for a trip to Ikea. The landscape got a lot more hilly and there were lots of luscious green forests, as well as about a thousand McDonalds. We picked up a few things and some swedish meatballs for Luke for a change from American food (already, I know). Then we ventured back to our apartment which involved a few mishaps including Luke driving down a one way street. Luckily we averted disaster and even more lucky was that we had CD’s in the car. This was a blessing as the radio stations seem to alternate between country, rock,bible –  country,rock,bible etc.

Back at our apartment we have now got our very own garden terrace on the balcony, which we have deemed safe now after a few brave minutes standing on it. This garden terrace comprises of a rug which looks like grass, two big cushions , a light and two wooden plant boxes for our tables. We had a lovely plate of pasta out there this evening, untill we retreated inside due to the wind blowing my lettuce all over the place.I think I may have added a small garden to our neighbour’s balcony as well. Whoops!


Tomorrow we are off to the Civil War!


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