Preparing to move across the pond.

So I have three weeks left to organise myself before I move stateside for seven months (ish).

I’m not going to lie, I have a few mini panics a day and these are usually about what am I going to take? what will I do in America? Am I really going?

The panick about what I am going to take came to a head when my lovely fella calmly informed me that I will only be taking one suitcase. Cue a mini ‘debate’. I am the sort of person who takes a suitcase when I go away for the weekend just so I have everything I need. You know  for the ‘just in case’ moments. So to be told one suitcase for seven months very nearly tipped me.

I am now swamped in a pile of clothes from continuously unpacking and repacking my suitcase daily. This is in the vain hope that I can minimise what I am taking and I haven’t even begun on my shoes and books yet. Trying to decide the best strategy is proving somewhat difficult. Do I take everything I need or leave out the things that I can buy there , such as underwear and toothpaste etc. However, there will be things that I cannot get there. With regards to this, my key question for today is do they sell Marmite? (yes, im afraid I am a lover and not a hater of this lovely spread). If its not available in good ‘ole Indianna,  how can get some…

Now you may be thinking that this should be the least of my problems, however it is true that it is the little things that counts. I’m sure I will think of thousands of things, and possible problems, before I leave. Prehaps I am concentrating too much on simple things and by the time I get there I will have forgotten something really important . Like insurance or my fella..


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