Saturday afternoons and the beauty of exploration.

Why are Saturday afternoons beginning to always feel like Sundays now? They have become dedicated to tidying, doing the washing and for a quick sorting your life out from the previous week (if only this could be done in one afternoon!). Does this mean that Sunday afternoons should now be the time to go out and explore the local area?

I have to admit that there is a certain catharsis quality to knowing that, by 5 pm on a Saturday everything for the next week has been prepared. Everything has been sorted out into some form of order from the previous week, which results in endless opportunities for Saturday night and Sunday! So why do many of us waste them by plonking ourselves in front of the T.V?

I have realised that, no matter how much I love curling up and watching Saturday night T.V, there is a wealth of activities to do in everyone’s local areas that prehaps people who have lived here all their lives don’t always get to know about. Having just moved to a new area I have needed to get to know these things in order to build up a form of social life, or an attempt at one. This has led me join a various things, such as a local Ladies Society. No we don’t knit like the W.I, but we have been known to make chocolate truffles instead which resulted in a much tastier creation than a scarf.

However, when talking to my colleagues about the society, many of whom have lived here all their lives, none of them had heard about it or about the different workshops on in the local area. Maybe it is only when you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and off your sofa on a Saturday, that you discover these things.

I am now going to make it my mission to never misuse the town that I’m living in, which you can hold me to. If ever you hear of something unusual happening in a town that I am in please let me know and I will go and find out about it. I will also try to forget what enjoyment can be had in exploring every aspect of a place. You can continually find things to do so that, whether it be a Saturday or a Sunday , as soon as  the afternoon is beginning to merge into the evening without having done something exciting or new I will drag myself out and fall in love with my local area all over again. Or if falling in love with a place is too extreme, as I can’t imagine ever loving some of the places I have lived in even though I have been very fortunate with the places I have been able to live in, at least to find one bit of it you like!  Then with enormous sense of satisfaction you can retreat back to the sofa for the rest of the evening knowing you have leaped outside of your comfort zone with no scary repercussions. Instead, you will have learnt something new or visited somewhere lovely which you can let everyone else know about. An added bonus is that it makes your responses to the standard monday question “What did you do at the weekend?” much more interesting.


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