Skis, Snow Boots and Snow

09 Feb

So, day two and we certainly kept busy. I managed to drag Luke to the gym before breakfast and that went well, untill the lights went off and we couldn’t find the switches. We got a few funny looks from other people who entered the gym later and found us, working out on the cross-trainers, in total darkness. Oh well, we can just tell them it is a new English craze! We then went to breakfast and I decided to have a mixture of all of the items that would make up a typical norwegian breakfast, big mistake! I swiftly retreated to my bread and peanut butter after I rapidly discovered that gherkins, ham, sardines in tomato sauce and Brunost did not make a great mixture early in the morning, if indeed at any time! I think I shall give myself, and what is left of my confused taste buds, more time to settle in before I carry out another tasting onslaught like that again! Then, with the taste of sardines still lingering, we met up with one of our ‘guides’ who, whilst driving on roads that would have seen the whole of the UK shut down with warnings of not driving unless it was absolutely necessary, took us to the police station and tax office.

Both places were different to their UK counterparts as they were very efficient and punctual. Dead on nine am and the police office rolled up its shutters and we were able to gain Norwegian residency. Not only was this different but the gentleman at the tax office was very friendly! it was a bit of a shock! It was then time for me to have another different experience as I attended the spouse club for expats. Never mind the small fact of not being a spouse yet, or having any children to bring to the meeting, but I really enjoyed it. Everyone was lovely and their was lots of useful information ( which bread to buy, where to shop, what to do etc), cake and of coffee (which they do remarkably well over here, so well in fact that by the time I got to the spouse’s club I had already had about four cups of strong coffee I don’t think I will be able to sleep ever again!).

It was then time to do a quick room swap in the hotel. Don’t worry, we had asked first and we were both moving rooms together! all we had to do was scuttle across to the older building and take all of our belongings with us. It was a bit like a scene out of a fast forwarded old movie with different characters chasing each other around a building. Luke took the suitcases and I followed him behind with items he had dropped or left. I think the hotel staff were wondering who they had let themselves in for! It was then time for lunch and we went to an amazing cafe, which appears to have a strong love of Tzatsiki, and indulged in a massive lunch.




We then felt that we needed to do something sporty after such a big lunch so, we went shopping.


Well, it is almost a sport and it was shopping in a sports shop so it does count, kind of. We were able to track down winter boots


spikes for my running


and then moved on to the cross-country skis. This proved a little bit more difficult as the assistant asked for  our heights. He looked at me and almost visibly winced whilst trying not to laugh. It then took him a while to work out which length skis I should have, before declaring they didn’t have any short enough and I would just have to settle for the size up. I know the shop is called XXL


but honestly! I didn’t expect them to only cater for giants and Nordic gods. Well, ok then, just non vertically challenged people. He did assure me that the couple of centimetres wouldn’t make a difference but if I end up falling over lots, or Luke is better at cross country skiing than me, then those additional centimetres will almost certainly be at fault. Although, they did seem fine as we did a bit of indoor skiing. I promise this is not a code for anything, Luke did actually mean he wanted to test out his skis in our hotel room. I couldn’t let him gain an advantage over me so as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them then join them! It could be a new sporting event? Eddy the eagle move over- here come the LuLu’s live from the Quality Hotel!



It was then off to swap our car. We had previously got stuck on a hill, skidded, made it to the top and then became stuck behind an OAP vehicle (yes, they have them here too).



Therefore, we decided to get another car. I stayed in our previous car whilst Luke went to choose.


I was kept amused by watching people dig their way into their cars after disembarking from their flights but I wasn’t amused for long as Luke came back with the new car. Which one does Luke choose? Which one did he think would be best for tackling San Franscio style hills made of pure slippery ice? Why, a Beetle of course!


Yes, it is cute, but it hardly screams ‘Look at me, I can take on any amount of ice or snow you can throw at me’. I don’t think I shall be driving it yet (and yes mum, I know to drive on the other side of the road!) We carried on our debate about the merits of the car over a quick dinner in a local inn.


I began to wonder why my mouth was on fire when I learnt that Norwegian have chilli sauce in the english version of tomato ketchup bottles!!! I almost had to go outside and get some snow for my tongue but I chose to have a drink instead. We then decided the Beetle would stay as it had seat warmers (heaven) and Luke is convinced that, with winter tires and his excellent driving (HAHAHA), that the car will be fine. We shall see.

However, it did do well as we went flat searching this morning. I have to admit I was intrigued by the flats but I am not sure if they were right. One was huge with enough beds and sofas to rival DFS and the other was quite a bit smaller but with a stunning view. We have decided to continue the search and, who knows, maybe I will end up getting Luke to build a longship instead! In the meantime we will enjoy having lovely waiters, and a restaurant to ourselves, followed by a lovely walk around the town before heading back to the hotel.












This whole relocation is not so bad really…

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